April 17, 2010


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Two posts in one day. Whaddayaknow?

Unfortunately, in some Evangelical circles, we’ve done great work in exegeting and studying Scripture, but we’ve done lesser work in understanding people and culture. Bob Kellemen, at RPM Ministries blog

How true this is. According to Kellemen, this is the main reason that so much of what Brian McLaren’s says A New Kind of Christianity is appealing. I’ve enjoyed the two introductory posts in this series of replies to McLaren’s new book, and I would already recommend the series to anyone who disagrees with McLaren–especially people who have asked what one of Kellemen’s friends asked:

“What is Brian saying that is persuasive to so many? What can we learn?”

Because after all, we always want to be learning, right? Why “throw the baby out with the bathwater,” as they say? Why not take away what good we can from McLaren’s questions and throw away the rest?



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So. It’s been awhile. Quote of the day:

The problem is not too much knowledge or too much doctrine or caring too much about thinking. The problem is when knowledge of God becomes a vat instead of a vessel. Doctrinal knowledge is to the Christian life what blood is to the human body. If the blood flows through vessels, it literally gives life to the whole body. But if you just collected blood in a big bucket, some kind of grotesque vat, then you’ve got something unnatural going on. Blood isn’t meant to be stored in a vat. It is meant to flow through vessels of veins and arteries. Likewise, knowledge is not meant to be pooled in a giant theological noggin. Good doctrine and a robust understanding of God is meant to flow through us, producing fruit, leading to worship, making us more like Christ. – Kevin DeYoung

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