September 17, 2010

Peace and war

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In Adam we were at peace with sin and at war with God, a war that cannot be won. In Christ we are at peace with God and at war with sin, a war that cannot be lost. – Dane Ortlund at The Gospel Coalition blog


Quoth Charles Spurgeon…

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September 3, 2010

Topical vs. exigetical/expository

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While topical teaching can be helpful at certain times, a steady and unbalanced diet of it undermines [congregants’] understanding of God’s Word. God’s Word does not come to us in one-sentence blurbs, laid out under various topical headings, like an extended concordance. God’s Word comes to us in stories, parables, poetry, prophecy, and song. – Jon Nielson (at The Gospel Coalition blog)

Faith without works

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Faith without “works” is not faith (James 2:14-26). It is not faith just like fire without heat and light is not fire. Heat and light are not just the possible result of fire, something fire sometimes does. They are fire. Inseparable from flame itself. – Shaun Groves (here)

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