March 14, 2010

The Bible Belt

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It’s easy for Christianity to be nothing but cultural wallpaper in the Bible belt. Sins go under cover for years and sometimes generations. The gospel can devolve into family values, moralism, or Republicanism. The idolatry of sports, children, ethnic heritage (if you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much), and property up-keep are more respectable than the idols of sex, power, and liberalism. – Kevin DeYoung at his blog.


March 5, 2010

A contest

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When facebook isn’t working, use the blog. 🙂

I just entered to win 1 of 2 Henri Nouwen books from The Englewood Review (@ERBks ).  You can enter too: http://ow.ly/1dqri – Englewood Review

March 4, 2010

On “acceptable” sins

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This is a comment on a post at Ragamuffin Soul. Carlos has been talking about homosexuality and the church for the past few days, and I enjoyed this comment by Shannon (about halfway down the page)–especially because I know Christians who do struggle with this issue.

Wow, I’m glad that most of my fellow Christians DON’T have to deal with homosexual issues because they don’t have the guts. It’s all well and easy when we struggle with more “acceptable” sins… alocholics [sic] and adulterers can bounce back, right? [yes, that is sarcasm. Not that alcoholics and adulterers can’t bounce back, but… oh, you get the point.] Glad my sins are more acceptable and so very glad that all of us can count on the unfailing and unmerited love, mercy and grace of Jesus… because sadly we won’t find that with many of our brothers and sisters. – Shannon, on a comment at Ragamuffin Soul.

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